Advancing Digital Financial Inclusion in ASEAN: Policy and Regulatory Enablers

Findings and recommendations to support digital finance policymakers in emerging markets

This report provides a cross-country overview of the policy and regulatory framework for digital financial services (DFS) in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) from a financial inclusion perspective. The analysis is based on a regulatory survey, supplementary interviews with relevant regulatory authorities, and a literature review.

The report is intended to support digital financial services (DFS) policymakers in emerging markets and developing economies by providing a structured approach for the analysis of DFS and financial inclusion. It provides examples of how countries are progressing in pushing further DFS growth, and the type of challenges they are facing. The report could also be a tool for private sector stakeholders when assessing the institutional and regulatory environment to invest in and develop DFS initiatives and provide valuable inputs for their dialogue with the public sector.

About this Publication

By Ana Maria Aviles, Djauhari Sitorus, Veronica Paola Trujillo Tejada