Leveraging Technologies to Improve the Quality and Maximize the Productivity of Agent Models

Can growing range of innovations help institutions meet their customers' needs more efficiently?
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Despite the growing volume of agents, the agent network model is rife with utilization and operational challenges. This brief examines the role of technological innovation as a potential driver for improving the quality and maximizing the productivity of agent models. Through an illustrative, hypothetical narrative lens that gives voice to each stakeholder group, it also allows for the exploration of commonly-cited challenges with agent networks.

The first part of the brief presents the short-term view, characterized by the prevalent use of cash and the availability of technologies that offer positive, albeit incremental and disparate changes in the day-to-day functions of agent networks. The second part of the brief offers a vision for the future of agent banking models. This long-term view takes into consideration the shift from cash-based to cash-lite economies, a trend that will likely usher in technologies that will redefine the role of agent networks. The brief provides several examples of institutions that have taken bold strides to reimagine their agent banking model.

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By Jacqueline Foelster , Amin Khairy