Executive Summary Report on Impact of COVID-19 on Micro and Small Enterprises in Yemen

Guidelines for MSE Business Recovery and Continuity
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The main objective of this report is to examine the impact of COVID -19 on micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Yemen. The report was based on both primary and secondary data. The primary data was collected through questionnaire. The secondary data was collected from reports, studies, articles, etc.

The main findings of the report was that MSEs are affected by the COVID -19 as they have faced major crisis and challenges such as liquidity issues, decline in sales, decline in revenues, bad debts, delinquency loans, termination of staff, shortage of raw material, less number of customers and less working hours.

The report offers recommendations to various stakeholders such as international donors, governments, microfinance institutions and MSEs.

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By Eissa Hasan AboHulaika