The COVID-19 Financial Inclusion Compass

A special edition survey of sector challenges and priorities

COVID-19 pandemic spread and the severity of its impact on the financial inclusion sector became increasingly apparent, e-MFP decided to take advantage of the methodology, brand, goodwill and expertise developed in the previous two editions to re-purpose this year’s survey for this critical moment, to ask:

  • How severe are the various challenges facing different stakeholder groups?
  • What should be the priorities of the sector in the medium-term (both to recover from this crisis and put in place measures to mitigate the next)?
  • How will this year transform the sector – for better or worse?

The survey was open for two weeks in June 2020, and was available in English, Spanish and French. Respondents were asked to score various challenges facing different stakeholder groups on a severity scale of 1-10. They were also asked to rate the importance of various medium-term priorities for different stakeholder groups and offer comments. 

There were 108 complete responses to the COVID-19 Financial Inclusion Compass. Respondents were based in 44 different countries. A plurality  of respondents were financial services providers (FSPs), followed by consultants and support service providers, funders, infrastructure organizations, researchers and others.

About this Publication

By Sam Mendelson, Camille Dassy, Gabriela Erice, Daniel Rozas , Joana Silva Afonso