Agricultural Finance and the Youth: Prospects for Financial Inclusion in Kenya

Comprehensive assessment of the state of financial inclusion of the rural youth

The aim of this publication is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the current state of financial inclusion among the Kenyan youth, especially those residing in rural and financially underserved areas. In particular, the study seeks to illustrate the clear linkage between the substantial financial access gap faced nowadays by the Kenyan youth and their inability to pursue high value-added entrepreneurial opportunities, chiefly in the agribusiness sector.

The study sets out to analyze the core constraints and opportunities associated with the provision of tailored financial services to young Kenyans, while showcasing the essential role that key supporting actors, such as the government, international development institutions, NGOs, foundations and many others, can play in fostering the provision and uptake of such services.

About this Publication

By Niclas Benni, David Berno , Hitomi Ho