CGAP Smallholder Household Data: Analysis and Insights from the National Surveys and Financial Diaries

Insights for FSPs to develop products that help customers manage risks in their day-to-day lives
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Based on a deeper analysis of the CGAP’s data from national surveys of smallholder households and smallholder diaries, this paper outlines the profile and needs of smallholder families and their various subgroups. Firstly, the paper looks at the relationship between financial activities and the different livelihood strategies employed by smallholder families, revealing the complexity of financial lives of the poor and the informal coping mechanisms that have emerged to enable them conduct a range of financial transactions. Further, the analysis highlights the characteristics and behaviors that are common to large groups of smallholders, discusses how the overall market can be segmented most effectively, and presents a nuanced picture of the different types of smallholder households. Finally, the paper discusses opportunities available for various stakeholders serving smallholder families.

The insights generated from this study will be useful for stakeholders such as financial service providers (FSPs), policy makers, market facilitators, development practitioners, and funding agencies as they work to understand the needs of these financially excluded segments with the view to develop and deliver more suitable financial instruments to meet their requirements.

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By Ram Tamara, Ramesh Karuppusamy, Howard Miller, Enrico Paul Neumann, Kerry Hamilton, Vijendran Thangavel, Padma Priya , Katherine Hughes