Promoting Fair Competition in the Digital Economy

A Technical Brief for international development practitioners
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Robust, fair competition is critical for all sectors of the economy. The digital economy is no different. Competition in the digital economy is key to achieving an inclusive, open, and secure digital ecosystem. Fair competition in the digital economy can also stimulate innovation and investment and yield governance dividends, by promoting greater respect for the rule of law and confidence that democratic institutions have the means to ensure both public and private sector actors are respecting the rights of others online.

This technical brief is intended for USAID staff and partners whose development programs are impacted by competition within the digital economy, including fintech, e-commerce, data centers, digital agriculture, digital health, artificial intelligence, and other areas.

In this publication, readers will:

  • Understand how fair competition enables—and sustains—digital economies that can then (a) create economic opportunity for small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), (b) offer useful, equitable services to end-users, and (c) strengthen respect for the rule of law in a given country.
  • Review concrete examples and learn how international development programs can stimulate fair competition either as a primary focus of a standalone activity or a component of a larger activity.

About this Publication

By Paul Nelson , Moussa Traoré