Fintech Innovation for Smallholder Agriculture: A Review of Experiences

This study is a result of the growing interest on the part of FAO on the analysis and use of financial technology (fintech) applications as effective enablers of financial inclusion for smallholder farmers, as well as that of other financially underserved actors active in the agricultural value chains of developing and emerging countries. 

The objective of this publication is to analyze and illustrate some of the most interesting business models and innovations brought forward by fintech companies that have sought to address the common financing constraints associated with small-scale agriculture all around the world, showcasing in particular the challenges they have faced to become profitable and sustainable, the solutions they have found to overcome such challenges, the positive developmental externalities that they have generated through their activity, and the possible lessons that can be drawn from their experience which can inform further replications or adaptations of their specific model in other contexts.

About this Publication

By Niclas Benni