Reaching Rural Women: Catalyzing Financial Inclusion at the Edge of Finance

This study highlights the need for collaborative efforts aimed at promoting financial inclusion in rural areas across Indonesia. The comprehensive report unveils research findings that shed light on the intricate challenges faced by underserved and unserved rural women, such as limited access to financial services, mobility constraints, inadequate internet access, and barriers to digital adoption. 

Employing a deductive-inductive hybrid approach and leveraging multiple data sources—including interviews with experts, policymakers, and practitioners—the study explores the financial needs and preferences of women in rural areas of Indonesia. 

The report proposes a range of strategies to enhance financial inclusion for underserved and unserved rural women. These strategies include expanding financial products and services, improving infrastructure, equipping bank agents for their multifaceted roles, and establishing collaborative partnerships among a range of stakeholders. 

About this Publication

By Agnes Salyanty