Financial Inclusion Compass 2024

The Compass provides a comprehensive analysis of the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in financial inclusion. It explores the evolving landscape of financial services aimed at underserved populations, emphasizing the impact of digital financial services, regulatory changes, and innovative business models. The report incorporates insights from a diverse array of stakeholders, including practitioners, policymakers, and researchers, to present a well-rounded perspective on the current state and future directions of financial inclusion efforts globally.

Key themes highlighted in the report include the increasing importance of digital financial inclusion, the role of financial literacy and education, and the need for greater collaboration among different sectors to enhance financial accessibility. The report also discusses the persistent challenges faced by marginalized groups, such as women, rural communities, and low-income individuals, and suggests strategies to overcome these barriers. By providing a detailed overview of recent developments and identifying emerging trends, the 2024 Compass serves as a valuable resource for stakeholders committed to advancing inclusive financial systems worldwide.

About this Publication

By Sam Mendelson