Reference Framework: Environment

How should financial institutions manage social and environmental risks?

Protection of the environment is essential for achieving sustainable development and maximizing human potential. This document looks at the types of risks incurred by financial institutions that ignore environmental concerns, and offers social and environmental management mechanisms to address these risks.

On an institutional level, this reference framework for the environment is intended to:

  • Foster integrating environmental concerns into organizational operations, development policies, the management of decision-making procedures and mechanisms as well as into the management of programs and activities;
  • Upgrade the skills of staff for integrating these concerns into project management procedures and mechanisms and into project activities and outcomes on an operational level, through training, and appropriate methodologies and tools;
  • Supply partners with a reference tool for environmental protection to enable them to improve their practices on their own.

The interventions outlined in this document are based on experience and tools that are constantly being enhanced over time.

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