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COVID19: A Framework for the Microfinance Sector

This note outlines a strategy for the rescue of the microfinance sector (MFS) due to distress caused by the twin health and economic crises. The strategy is based on the authors’ experience with a wide variety of economic and financial crises over the past 30 years.


Supervising Corporate Governance During Crises

Ten key issues that boards and senior management teams need to address

NTF4Ag: Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers

Key insights on the potential of non-traditional financial services to catalyze agricultural innovation adoption by smallholders

Increasing Financial Inclusion in the Muslim World

Evidence from an Islamic finance marketing experiment

Learning Brief: VSLA and CARE Adaptations to COVID-19 and Past Crises

Examples and experiences of mitigating measures to lessen the impact and adapt during the pandemic

Payment Aspects of Financial Inclusion in the Fintech Era

Harnessing the potential of fintech while mitigating associated risks

Dignity Not Destitution

An ‘Economic Rescue Plan For All’ to tackle the Coronavirus crisis and rebuild a more equal world

Digital Solutions for Direct Cash Transfers in Emergencies

How digital solutions can help governments deliver cash transfers
Case study

Energy Microfinance & Pay-As-You-Go

Leveraging PAYGO to increase solar energy access in MFI-solar distributor partnerships

Digital Identity and e-KYC Guidelines for the Arab Countries

Recommendations for Arab countries for developing their Digital ID and Electronic Know Your Customer programs