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Inclusive Instant Payment Systems: An Evidence Based Approach From Design to Impact

This white paper summarizes how interoperable payment systems work and discusses the status of interoperability in emerging markets.

Case Study

Informed Design: A Case Study Series (Tyme Group)

This is one of several case studies looking at the role of design in digital financial services (DFS) for women focusing on examples where research findings have translated into design that has eased and encouraged women’s use of DFS.


The Impact of Digital Technology and Business Regulations on Financial Inclusion and Socio-Economic Development in Low-Income Countries

This study casts a new angle of linking digital technology and business regulations as drivers of financial inclusion and socioeconomic development.


The SME Access to Digital Finance Study: A Deep Dive into the Latin American Fintech Ecosystem

This publication provides insights into micro, small and medium enterprises’ access to funding through the alternative finance industry in Latin America based on 540 survey responses from MSMEs in the region.


2022 State of the Sector Report: Celebrating 10 Years of Agri-SME Finance

This report draws upon data from the portfolios of 17 financial institutions to share market insights and reflections on 10 years of practitioner collaboration.


Agri-SME Finance: Navigating Volatility In the Wake of the War in Ukraine

This learning brief summarizes the challenges, opportunities, and responses of agri-SMEs, financiers and development partners to the current food crisis.


Banking in Layers: Five Cases to Illustrate How the Market Structure for Financial Services is Evolving

Exploring the market-level modularization of financial services through case studies featuring new models that are emerging, how they are coming about, and what they mean for the financial inclusion of low-income people in emerging markets and developing economies.


Drivers of Financial Services Innovation

This note presents the innovation drivers and competencies as key to developing innovative financial services that meet customer needs.

Case Study

Leveraging Digital ID and e-KYC for the Financial Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced Persons: Risks and Opportunities

This report discusses the challenges and bottlenecks preventing the wider adoption of digital ID and e-KYC to advance the financial inclusion of forcibly displaced persons in Rwanda, Mauritania, and Eswatini.

Slide Deck

Low-Income Financial Services Market Sizing and Fintech Assessment: Kenya Country Report

This slide deck presents the findings of research estimating the size of the medium and small enterprise and low-income credit markets in Kenya and to assess the potential of fintech firms to meet the needs of those markets.