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Beneficiary Experience of Digital Government-to-Person (G2P) Payments in Bangladesh, Colombia, and the Philippines

This study explores consumers' experience  with digital cash transfers, and supports policy recommendations to improve the effectiveness of G2P payments and future financial  inclusion.


Catalyzing Innovation for Women Entrepreneurs

This research, focusing on 328 women entrepreneurs in Samoa, Cambodia and Fiji, explores the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in accessing and using financing at different stages of their enterprise journey.


COVID-19: Crisis Evolution in Some of Our Countries of Intervention 2022

This publication compiles and analyses data to better understand the effects of COVID-19 on supported microfinance institutions and their clients.


Mobile Money and Consumer Financial Health

This paper explores key risks to consumer financial health relating particularly to low-to-middle-income countries where mobile money is most prevalent, and how the industry stakeholders are addressing these through best practice examples.


Platform-Based Business Models and Financial Inclusion

This paper assesses how platform-based business models can affect financial inclusion, competition, financial stability and consumer protection.


The Promises and Perils of Investor-Driven Fintech: Forging People-Centered Alternatives

This paper provides a corrective to the rapidly proliferating myths and falsehoods surrounding the capacity of fintech to address poverty and promote sustainable and equitable local economic and social development in low- and middle-income countries.

Case study

TymeBank Case Study: The Customer Impact of Inclusive Digital Banking

The aim of this research is to shed light on the potential of digital banks to deepen financial inclusion in a way that improves the lives of low-income customers.


Digital Financial Services in Nigeria: State of the Market Report 2021

This publication aims to challenge stakeholder's thinking about financial products and services, and stimulate new approaches to addressing the gaps in financial services.


A Market Study on the Adoption of Digital Financial Services in Jordan

The purpose of this study is to gain a better understanding of consumers' appetite for and usage of digital financial services and their financial behavior in light of the rapid development of Jordan's digital financial services.


Better Practice Guidance on Women’s Digital Financial Capability

This document outlines four steps to work through when designing approaches to women’s digital financial capability: Diagnose, Design, Deliver, and Document.