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Impact of Interest Rate Cap on Financial Inclusion in Cambodia

Bank and microfinance supervisory data analysis results show some unintended impact on financial inclusion.


Inclusive Digital Agriculture

This report provides evidence of the barriers facing farmers with disabilities in the agricultural value chain in low and middle-income countries, and explores opportunities to support disability inclusion in agriculture through digital tools including digital financial services.

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Platform Workers and Financial Services

This deck synthesizes insights from a survey of existing literature and consultations with experts and highlights opportunities and risks for workers as well as gaps in the evidence base around the livelihoods of platform workers.


Resilient Microfinance Industry Signals Path Toward Cautious, Gradual Recovery

This snapshot is part of a series published by CGAP and Symbiotics, offering regular updates on how COVID-19 is affecting the microfinance sector’s portfolio quality, financial health, and ability to serve excluded clients.


Savings and Climate Resilience

This knowledge review focuses on successes and challenges in building up climate resilience, across three dimensions: disaster preparedness, response, and adaptation to climate change.


Social Media Usage by Digital Finance Consumers

This project analysis provides insights into the types of consumer protection issues faced by consumers across financial providers in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.


The Digital Transformation Guide

Trough real examples of implementation experiences across FSP partners, this guide unpacks six key strategies that financial inclusion-focused institutions need to keep in mind as they progress down the path of digital transformation.


The Future of Government-to-Person (G2P) Payments: Three Years of Learning About G2P Choice in Zambia

This case study summarizes key lessons learned during the first three years of implementing a choice-based G2P payments model.

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The Impact of Regulation Governance on Financial System Efficiency: The Importance of Consumer Behavior

This study focuses on the value structure that correlates improvements in the financial services consumer’s decision-making quality with the development of their autonomy.


2021 State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money

This annual flagship report provides supply-side data and insights from the mobile money industry.