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Central Bank Digital Currency – An Opportunity for Financial Inclusion in Developing and Emerging Economies?

This special report on central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and financial inclusion looks at the current state of financial inclusion across different developing and emerging economies, and identifies the main use cases CBDC can contribute to.

Case Study

Colombia's Ingreso Solidario: Improving Social Protection Through Public-Private Collaboration and Responsible Digital Payment Practices as Part of COVID-19 Emergency Response

This case study illustrates how designing programs responsibly can result in greater trust in digital financial services, leading to greater volumes of digital transactions, and increased use of digital savings and e-commerce services.

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Consumer Risks and Digital Financial Services: A Côte d’Ivoire Study

This study is part of the activities of the Laboratory for the Protection of Digital Financial Services Users launched by CGAP in 2021 with an objective to accompany local actors in building a responsible ecosystem for digital financial services.


Customer-Centric and Responsible Digital Credit Solutions for Urban and Rural Non-farm Entrepreneurs and Smallholder Farmers

This analysis of digital credit users in India, Indonesia, and Kenya assesses the impact of digital credit on their financial health.

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DBT Diagnostic Study: Female Beneficiaries' Experience of Receiving DBT

This slide deck reveals evidence from India on female beneficiaries' experience of receiving government-to-person (direct benefit transfer) payment.


Different Strokes for Different Folks: A Customer Onboarding Comparative Analysis

This publication looks at the strategic operations and tactics applied by the Scale2Save partners in East and West Africa to acquire customers.


Digital Adoption of MSMEs During COVID-19

This report explores how MSMEs used digital products during the pandemic, what barriers they faced with digital adoption, and what can be done to support the growth of MSMEs in the digital economy.

Guide / Toolkit

Digital Finance Campaign Replication Guide

This Replication Guide shares an overview of a proven, evidence-based solution to a specific development challenge, and then provides steps on how to replicate it with a goal to increase the digital financial capabilities and decision-making skills of women.


How Digital Payments Drive Financial Inclusion in India

This research looks at the journey of digital payments, major events and entities that contributed to it, and products that revolutionized the digital payments space.


Impact Finance Barometer 2022: How Resilient is Impact Finance to Exogenous Shocks?

This year's Impact Finance Barometer examines the resilience of the impact finance sector to exogenous shocks.