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Fintech: Financial Inclusion or Exclusion?

This paper examines two research questions. First, does fintech improve digital financial inclusion? Second, are there segments of society that are not included because they do not have the capacity and means to adopt fintech – such as women, the poor and people living in rural areas?


How Can Financial Services Support Platform Work? Insights from Five Emerging Markets

Based on research with platforms and their workers across five countries, this report describes the platform ecosystem in emerging markets, the experiences of workers and sellers in key sectors, and how financial services can help these workers improve their livelihoods.

Case Study

Informed Design: A Case Study Series (UNCDF/WMBL)

This study examines Women's Micro Bank Limited and UNCDF's design of a branchless banking solution, the Mama Bank Access Point initiative, which serves unbanked women in rural Papua New Guinea. 


Integrating Digital Financial Services Into a National Financial Inclusion Strategy

This guideline note provides actionable guidance on how to properly integrate digital financial services into a national financial inclusion strategy to have a positive impact on end-users.


Measuring Progress 2021: Financial Inclusion in Selected ASEAN Countries

This report seeks to embed the critical supporting role of financial inclusion in achieving the vision of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint 2025 within the context of inclusive growth.


Pacific Insurance and Climate Adaptation Programme: Gender Equality and Social Inclusion Strategy

This report describes PICAP’s approach towards achieving and mainstreaming gender equality and social inclusion to ensure that women and the most vulnerable are fully represented in climate disaster risk financing products (e.g., parametric insurance).


Roadmap for Development Finance Institutions

This Roadmap lays out strategies for development finance institutions to incorporate gender-based violence risk assessment and mitigation as well as prevention and survivor support lenses into their investments.


Savings and Financial Health

This meta-study explores findings from the savings literature that relate to the key elements used to define financial health, and explores whether they indicate that savings contribute to financial health.


Savings and Retail Banking in Africa: Unpacking the Customer Through Demand Side Data

This publication examines the challenges of finding and using data in African countries and takes the examples of three financial service providers who are already reaping the benefits of a transition to data-driven, customer-centric operations and product portfolios.


The Growth and Performance of Affordable Housing Finance Lenders in India

Using several classification techniques, the paper assesses the growth and performance of affordable housing finance companies across the country.