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Understanding Micro- and Small-Growth Entrepreneurs in Vietnam, Pakistan and Peru

This report provides an overview of "the current state of strivers" across these countries with an aim to understand the emerging unmet needs through market assessments.


Where Are the Unbanked in Belize?: Using Machine Learning Small Area Estimation to Improve Financial Inclusion Geographic Targeting

This study aims to contribute to the efficient and effective implementation of Belize's National Financial Inclusion Strategy by identifying the geographical areas where unbanked people live and analyzing the factors that influence the use of financial services and instruments.


Building Women’s Financial Capability: A Path Toward Transformation

This publication examines how best to share information, build financial capability and enable lasting behavior change in a context in which women may have limited say in their own economic choices or require additional support or flexibility to overcome trust and care responsibilities.

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COVID 19 Impact on Financial Service Providers

This slide deck presents the summary of analysis on how the pandemic impacted MFI liquidity, portfolio quality, and solvency through the end of 2020, and forward looking stress tests, with solvency scenarios for the FMI sector.


COVID-19: Crisis as Opportunity for Urban Cash Transfers?

Based on a literature review and case studies of various urban cash transfer schemes in response to the COVID-19 crisis, this paper explores the successes and challenges of implementing cash transfers in urban settings in response to a large, covariate shock.


Designing Digital Payments for Mexican Women Entrepreneurs


Evidence Review on the Role of Male Engagement in Women’s Economic Empowerment Programs

This review presents four differ­ent reports which outline key findings and recommendations based on the most effective methods for integrating men in the process of women's empowerment.


FinAccess MSE COVID-19 Tracker

This survey provides data on how micro firms in Kenya have responded to and coped during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Fintech and Financial Inclusion: A Funders' Guide to Greater Impact

This practical guide, based on two years of global research, describes how development funders can identify promising fintechs and maximize their impact.


Fintech Potential for Remittance Transfers: A Central America Perspective

This paper analyzes the potential for fintech to facilitate cheaper and more efficient remittances, and to enhance financial inclusion in Central America.