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Unleashing the Power of Data to Inform Your Business

Toolkit for FSPs: Understanding the different data sources available and how to use them effectively

European Microfinance Award 2019

Strengthening resilience to climate change

Results of the Fintech Benchmarks Proof-of-Concept

Using data collected to test an initial set of Data Standards for Inclusive Fintech, this report presents insights into what we can learn about fintechs as businesses and how they address challenges of inclusion. 


Making Data Work for the Poor

With the rise of digital technologies, the use of personal data by private companies is growing rapidly. But how do we know they will use this data responsibly and in consumers’ best interests?


Experiences in Gender-Sensitive Solutions to Collateral Constraints

How the use of non-conventional collateral can contribute to improved access to affordable credit

The Mobile Gender Gap Report 2020

Findings based on surveys in 15 low- and middle-income countries
Case study

Outcomes of Microcredit Provision to Syrian Refugees

The case study of Al Majmoua in Lebanon