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Exploring the Social and Economic Empowerment of Children and Youth

Six evidence-based strategies

Redefining Finance for Agriculture: Green Agricultural Credit for Smallholders in Peru

Identifying the gaps and opportunities to scale up green agriculture

Zooming in on Informal Savings Mechanisms in Zambia

Key findings from a qualitative research on users of informal savings

The Power of Mobile to Accelerate Digital Transformation in Pakistan

A look at the increasingly important role of mobile technology in digital financial services

The Financial Inclusion Compass 2019

Digital transformation of FSPs, client protection, client-side technology innovations and agri-finance emerged as among the most significant trends identified by a broad array of sector stakeholders.


The Role of a Market Organizer in Advancing Financial Inclusion

Developing new pathways to catalyze inclusive growth

Fair Play: Ensuring Competition in Digital Financial Services

Providing guidance to financial sector regulators for identifying anti-competitive behavior
Case study

In Post We Trust

Role of the Post in expanding access to digital finance