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Rural, Informal Micro-Entrepreneurs at the Heart of Community Resilience

Recommendations for decision makers on how to support rural agricultural livelihoods

The COVID-19 Financial Inclusion Compass

A special edition survey of sector challenges and priorities

The Promise of Fintech: Financial Inclusion in the Post COVID-19 Era

The role of digital financial inclusion in mitigating the economic and social impact of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis
Case study

Women’s Demand for Financial Services in Conflict and Post Conflict Areas

Key findings from focus group discussions with 146 participants to understand women’s demand for financial services

Coping With COVID-19

A multi-country perspective from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Uganda

Coping With COVID-19 in Bangladesh

A community perspective based on conversations with 80 low-and middle-income households

Coping With COVID-19 – A Demand-Side View from Uganda

Analyzing the impact of the pandemic on the low- and moderate-income households

COVID-19 and Remittances in Africa

Looking at the potential impact of COVID-19 on remittances and development in different African countries