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Has the Pandemic Spared Cambodia? Liquidity Considerations of Cambodia’s Large MFIs

Advisory Note on liquidity/growth of microfinance institutions in Cambodia


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Microfinance Sector in Europe

Field analysis and policy recommendations


Microfinance and COVID-19: Principles for Regulatory Response

Five guiding principles for regulators mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 


Navigating Through COVID-19

A snapshot on how the pandemic affected MSMEs in Guinea

Case study

Saving Cash, Saving Lives

The experiences of Haitian savings groups during COVID-19


Social Assistance Payments in Response to COVID-19: The Role of Donors

What can donors do to advance key objectives for building robust and customer-centric payment systems?


The Liquidity Challenge for Pakistan’s Microfinance Banks

M-CRIL Advisory Note on the liquidity of microfinance banks in Pakistan

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The Need for Immediate Gender-Focused Initiatives to Promote Digital Financial Services for Women Amid COVID-19: Insights From India

The effect of COVID-19 on women’s access to financial services and their economic empowerment


Why the Economic Response to COVID-19 Needs to Be Financially Inclusive and Gender Sensitive

Steps policymakers and regulators can take to advance women’s financial inclusion


(Un)stacking Financial Market Infrastructure

Understanding how to adapt infrastructure to advance financial inclusion