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Islamic Social Finance Report 2015

Trends, future challenges and prospects in 6 sub-Saharan African countries

Establishment and Expansion of Islamic Microfinance Instituitions (MFIs) in Africa by Farz Foundation

Expanding Islamic microfinance activities into Africa
Case study

Youth's Financial Inclusion Policy Reform Study: Case Study of Youth in Post and Ongoing Conflict

Identifying the opportunities and challenges in demand and supply of microfinance services in Sudan

2010 Arab Microfinance Analysis & Benchmarking Report

Presenting the latest microfinance trends in the Arab world

Microfinance Assessment Consultancy to Darfur, Sudan: February-March 2010

Supporting expansion of sustainable microfinance in Darfur

Microfinance Consultancy to Eastern Sudan: August-October 2009

Improving Eastern Sudan'’s microfinance sector

Islamic Microfinance Theory, Policy, and Practice

Establishing microfinance programs based on Islamic financing principles

Livelihoods, Migration and Remittance Flows in Times of Crisis and Conflict: Case Studies for Darfur, Sudan

Examining impact of conflict on migration and remittances

A Vision for the Development and Expansion of the Microfinance Sector in Sudan

Placing microfinance in Sudan within the wider framework for poverty alleviation

Microcredit Through Bai-Muajjal Mode of Islamic Banking Financing

Comparing the 'Bai-Muajjal' mode of Islamic financing with conventional financing