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Gender Policy and Practice: Self-Assessments of Microfinance and Enterprise Development Organizations in Latin America

Examining MFI’s commitment to gender equity and women’ empowerment

Housing Microfinance: Policy Recommendations for Sida's Programs

This paper discusses the lessons learnt from Sida's global experience in housing microfinance

Agricultural Credit Card Innovation: the Case of Financiera Trisan

Can a credit card used for agricultural input suppliers and rural producers be replicated?

Imperfect Information, Social Capital and The Poor's Access to Credit

Microfinance institutions gained success through the trust and mutual support of their field workers
Case study

Financiera Trisan: An Agricultural Credit Card Innovator

Has the Credit Card program been successful in Costa Rica?

Group Credit: A Means to Improve Information Transfer and Loan Repayment Performance

Does group credit system overcome problems of asymmetric information?