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Case Study

From 1% to 30%: the Journey of the Philippines Towards Responsible Digital Payments

This case study examines the success story of the Philippines by diving into the key decisions made by the government and private sector in accelerating the adoption of responsible digital payments.


Inclusive Green Finance: A Policy and Advocacy Approach

This report examines how access and usage of financial services can help build resilience in the face of climate shocks, while also providing opportunities to participate in green economic sectors, including agriculture, renewable energy, transport, and waste management.


The Gender Data Playbook for Women's Financial Inclusion

This playbook offers a step-by-step guide for financial ecosystem stakeholders on how to boost the systematic collection of high-quality, supply-side, sex-disaggregated financial data to drive women’s financial inclusion.


Digitally Enabled Climate Finance

This report provides emerging insights on the role of mobile and digital technology in accessing and delivering climate finance in low- and middle-income countries.


Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Systems: A Microfinance Perspective

The paper discusses fairness in artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled credit-scoring systems, and highlights the importance of considering the strategic role of the organization when developing and evaluating fair algorithm-enabled decision systems. 

Slide Deck

Global Landscape: Data Trails of Digitally Included Poor (DIP) People

This reading deck puts a spotlight on the specific data trails generated by digitally included yet poor people, the sources of these data trails, and variations of data trails across different segmentations.


Instant Payments and Merchants — Pricing Policy Considerations

This technical note helps explain why changes in instant payment pricing are occurring, assesses their impact on market development, and offers suggestions for the path forward.

Guide / Toolkit

Responsive by Design: Building Adaptive Social Protection Systems in South Asia

The purpose of this report is to apply the adaptive social protection framework to the South Asian context to guide future dialogue and policy making.


Starting the Transaction: Payment Initiation and Customer Experience

This technical note is framed to help policymakers and payment system operators understand recent trends in payment initiation and customer experience in making interoperable payments work better for low-income populations.

Slide Deck

Study to Assess the Role and Impact of Women Self-Help Groups as Banking Agents in Bihar​

This slide deck provides the main findings from a CGAP research exploring the role of gender in developing rural agent networks in Bihar State, India, through the State Government's Bank Sakhi Program.