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Performance Evaluation Framework for Government-Sponsored Health Insurance Programmes

Highlighting key indicators to help programs make effective and sustainable management decisions

Creating Access to Agricultural Finance: Based on a Horizontal Study of Cambodia, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand and Tunisia

Resource from the Agriculture Finance Support Facility (AgriFin)

Towards Inclusive Insurance in Thailand: An Analysis of the Market and Regulations

Developing a strategic framework for financial inclusion in Thailand

Leveraging Health Microinsurance to Promote Universal Health Coverage

Outlining the roles of private actors in the expansion of universal health coverage
Case study

The Rich Complexity of Village Life

Understanding risk sharing and coping mechanisms in Thai villages

The Macroeconomics of Microfinance

Analyzing macroeconomic effects of microfinance

IFC Mobile Money Study 2011 – Summary Report

Examining the adoption and development of mobile money

Microfinance in Rural and Urban Thailand: Policies, Social Ties and Successful Performance

How do social ties and compulsory savings impact repayment rates?

Collateral and Lending to Rural Households in Emerging Markets

Making collateral-free loans viable