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Digital Financial Services in Africa: Beyond the Kenyan Success Story

Assessing the growth potential of digital financial services in seven African countries
Case study

Energy and Microfinance: The Cases of A3C and UCCGN in Cameroon

Facilitating access to solar energy through microfinance in Cameroon

Implications of Access to Microcredit and Social Capital for Female Entrepreneurship in Cameroon

Studying the impact of microcredit on female entrepreneurship in Cameroon

Weather Index-Based Insurance in a Cash Crop Regulated Sector: Ex Ante Evaluation for Cotton Producers in Cameroon

Examining the ability of weather index-based insurance for consumption smoothing

The Microfinance Market of Cameroon: Analyzing Trends and Current Developments

Examining recent trends in Cameroon’s microfinance industry

The Economic Value of the Willingness to Pay for a Community-Based Prepayment Scheme in Rural Cameroon

Identifying key determinants of willingness to pay for community-based health care in rural Cameroon

Cameroon: Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper

Describing Cameroon’s macroeconomic, structural, and social policies

Microfinance and Female Empowerment

Empowering women through the adoption of high productivity informal activities