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Assessment of Public Perception, Awareness and Confidence in Insurance in Ghana

Assessment conducted in urban, peri-urban and rural localities of Ghana with 1,038 individual respondents

Getting Closer

Expanding outreach and increasing usage through better placement of touchpoints

How to Improve Liquidity Management for Agents Serving Small Informal Groups and Savers

A 'how-to' note explaining the importance of agent liquidity management

Ghana Annual Benchmark Report

This report includes key financial and operational indicators that provide a country overview, indicator level performance and institutional details.


Mobile-Enabled Economic Identities for Smallholder Farmers in Ghana

Digitizing and documenting the economic behavior of end users

Building Inclusive Payment Ecosystems in Tanzania and Ghana

Examining and comparing two countries' pathways to inclusive payment ecosystems

Basic Regulatory Enablers for Digital Financial Services

Guiding policy makers to create an enabling environment for digital financial services

Savings at the Frontier: Evidence Mapping on Informal Savings Mechanisms

Demand and supply of financial services for savings groups in sub-Saharan Africa
Case study

Proportionality in Practice: Distribution

Lessons from supervisors on implementing proportionate regulation on access to insurance