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Digital Credit Audit Report

Evaluating the conduct and practice of digital lending in Kenya
Case study

A Client Needs-Centred Approach to Financial Inclusion Measurement

Understanding how and why customers use different types of financial services

Did You See My Tweet? Monitoring Financial Consumer Protection via Social Media

A new channel to measure consumer experience and keep providers accountable
Case study

A Client Needs-Centered Approach to Financial Inclusion Measurement

Innovative financial inclusion data framework focused on customers financial needs

Taxing Mobile Phone Transactions in Africa: Lessons From Kenya

Does taxation policy on micro-transactions have the potential to reverse financial inclusion?

Inclusive Finance? Headline Findings from FinAccess 2019

Deep dive into the data on the relevance and impact of finance for people’s well-being

Kenya Annual Benchmark Report

This report includes key financial and operational indicators that provide a country overview, indicator level performance and institutional details.


2019 Finaccess Household Survey

Looking at the role of finance in helping people to meet their livelihood needs
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The Financial Agency of Women

Exploring behavioral archetypes in Kenya to understand barriers to digital financial services

Building Assets, Unlocking Access: How Support Services Can Add to Housing Microfinance

Lessons learned and recommendations for future housing support services