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Case study

Financial Inclusion and Resilience: How BRAC’s Microfinance Program Recovered from the West Africa Ebola Crisis

This case study explores how BRAC's microfinance companies in Liberia and Sierra Leone responded to the Ebola crisis in 2014, enabling to deliver a remarkable recovery of its operations.


Field Manual - Supporting Microfinance Through Grants in Post-Crisis Settings

Supporting MFIs in countries recovering from conflict or natural disaster

Robust Microfinance Sectors Post-conflict: West Africa

Lessons learned in developing microfinance in conflict-affected regions

Microfinance Development in Liberia - An Initial Assessment

How to develop microfinance in a post-conflict situtation?

Brief 3- Developing Post-Conflict Microfinance Institutions: The Experiences of Liberia and Kosovo

Lessons learned from two contrasting post-conflict case studies

Recapitalizing Liberia: Principles for Providing Grants and Loans for Microenterprise Development

Building an entrepreneurial sector in post-conflict Liberia

Microfinance in Post-Conflict Situations: Towards Guiding Principles for Action

Helping stakeholders shape their objectives in post-conflict situations