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Fintech Lending Risk Barometer 2022-2023

This study is part of a market monitoring exercise to understand the range of risks and how they are perceived by multiple stakeholders in the Indian fintech lending sector.


Green Inclusive Finance: A Framework for Understanding How Financial Services Can Help Low-Income and Vulnerable People Respond to Climate Change

This report considers evidence on how inclusive financial services can help vulnerable populations respond to climate change and uses the framework to understand the various impact pathways through which financial services can help.


Steven Duchatelle, CEO of Advans Group, on His company's Digital Transformation

This podcast shares Advans' experience of digital transformation, how it drives efficiency and customer outreach, along with potential obstacles to such transformation and the impact on Advans' social mission.


Will Central Bank Digital Currencies be a Game-Changer for Financial Inclusion?

Are central bank digital currencies really the game-changer for financial inclusion that many claim? And how are central banks thinking about designing CBDCs to ensure that they achieve their goals?


Assessing the State of Youth Financial Inclusion in Developing Contexts

This guide draws primarily from the lessons learned during the realization of a series of assessments on the state of youth financial inclusion in Uganda, Kenya, and Guatemala in 2019 and 2020.

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CGAP Strengthening Climate Resilience & Adaptation Through Financial Services

This slide deck presents the findings of desk research on climate-responsive and climate-supportive financial products that currently exist in the global market.

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Check Your Bias! A Field Guide for Lenders

This practical field guide walks executives and data scientists through recommendations for ensuring that revised and new credit scoring methods are not unintentionally excluding women or any other underrepresented group.


Embedding Trust: The Potential of Privacy by Design for Inclusive Finance

This report introduces Privacy by Design (PbD) and provides a review of the main PbD approaches in literature and wider market practice for their potential applications in the inclusive finance sector.


G2P Next in India: Choice, Resilience and Inclusivity

This policy brief draws on global trends to understand how government-to-person programs can evolve to address India's challenges.

Guide / Toolkit

Implementation Guide for the G20 High-Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion

A guide and self-assessment tool for policymakers in various stages of digital development.