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The Digital Lives of Refugees: How Displaced Populations Use Mobile Phones and What Gets in the Way

Offering opportunities for stakeholders to increase understanding of how refugees use mobile money

Refugee Access to Financial Services in Jordan

Areas of innovation that improve access to financial services for refugees

Partnering With the Private Sector to Extend Digital Financial Services to the Unbanked

How effective has digital been in promoting access to remittances and financial services?

Remittances and Financial Inclusion: A Demand-Side Analysis of Low-Income Jordanians and Syrian Refugees in Jordan

Understanding demand, use, and preferences of current and potential remittance customers

Financial Inclusion Diagnostic Study in Jordan 2017: Synthesis Report

Baseline study documenting access, usage and quality of financial services
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Baseline Study on Digital Remittances: Highlights


Microfinance for Syrian Refugees: The Lebanese and Jordanian Market

Addressing the information gap for the financial services needs of refugees

Tanmeyah Members’ Performance Report Q3 2017

Profiles and performance results for the eight MFIs of the Jordan Microfinance Network

The Financial Journey of Refugees: Evidence from Greece, Jordan, and Turkey

What do money and financial transactions tell us about migrant journeys?