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Financial Education Initiatives in the Arab Region: A Stocktaking Report

Status of financial education in eight selected countries in the Arab region

Financial Inclusion in Tunisia: Low-Income Households and Micro-Enterprises Snapshot – September 2015

Strategies and challenges for financial inclusion in Tunisia

Creating Access to Agricultural Finance: Based on a Horizontal Study of Cambodia, Mali, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand and Tunisia

Resource from the Agriculture Finance Support Facility (AgriFin)
Case study

Tunisia: The Post and Financial Inclusion through Mobile Telephony

Case study on a business model based on partnerships with telecommunications operators

Can Postal Networks Advance Financial Inclusion in the Arab World?

How can postal networks facilitate financial inclusion in Arab countries?

2010 Arab Microfinance Analysis & Benchmarking Report

Presenting the latest microfinance trends in the Arab world

Islamic Banking and Finance in North Africa

Examining the state of Islamic finance in North Africa

Financial Inclusion in the Middle East and North Africa: Analysis and Roadmap Recommendations

Improving financial access through microfinance

Diagnostic Report on the Legal and Regulatory Environment for Microfinance in Tunisia

This report describes policy-related obstacles to Tunisian micro finance and intervention options