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A New Kind of Conglomerate: Bigtech in China

The role and reach of bigtech within the Chinese economy and beyond
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Leveraging Technology for Meaningful Financial Inclusion in Asia

What opportunities does fintech present for potential providers and customers?

Toward Universal Financial Inclusion in China: Models, Challenges, and Global Lessons

Learning from China’s financial inclusion experience over the past 15 years

Growing With Pain: Digital Financial Inclusion in China

Current status and future outlook for the digital finance industry

China's Alipay and WeChat Pay: Reaching Rural Users

Analyzing the two main mobile payment providers and their potential to expand beyond the cities

Crowdfunding in China: The Financial Inclusion Dimension

Will China's size translate into improved access to finance for the poor?

Digital Finance for All: Powering Inclusive Growth in Emerging Economies

Quantifying the potential economic and social impact of digital finance

New Insights Into An Evolving P2P Lending Industry

How shifts in roles and risk are shaping the industry

The Role of Microfinance Ratings in the Sustainable Development of China’s Financial Inclusion Sector

Exploring the use of ratings for enhancing access to finance in China