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Where Credit is Due

Results from seven randomized evaluations of the impact of microcredit

Six Randomized Evaluations of Microcredit: Introduction and Further Steps

Evaluating the impact of microcredit on borrowers in six countries

2012 Eastern Europe and Central Asia Regional Snapshot

Examining microfinance in Eastern Europe and Central Asia during 2012

Microfinance at the Margin: Experimental Evidence from Bosnia and Herzegovina

The effects of microcredit on households without prior access to finance in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Client Protection Good Practices in Europe and Central Asia

Examining good client protection practices

Indebtedness of Microcredit Clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Analyzing reasons for over-indebtedness of microcredit clients in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beyond Codes: The Foundation for Client Protection in Microfinance

Examining practical cases of how consumer protection codes of conduct are implemented
Case study

Facing Over-Indebtedness at Partner Microcredit Foundation

How can clients and institutions avoid over-indebtedness?

Growth and Vulnerabilities in Microfinance

Exploring reasons for credit delinquency crises