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Client Protection Good Practices in Europe and Central Asia

Examining good client protection practices

Microfinance Institutions in Central Asia: Benchmarks and Analysis 2005

Impact that policy has had on the development of microfinance sector in the Central Asian republics

Kazakhstan's Microfinance Law: Opportunities and Future Challenges

The essay elaborates on two regulations in Kazakhstan, relating to MFI's strategic planning

Developing and Testing Poverty Assessment Tools: Results From Accuracy Tests in Kazakhstan

Have poverty assessment tools been successful in estimating the poverty in Kazakhstan?

Microfinance in Kazakhstan: An Inclusive Financial Sector for All

Towards establishing a firm base for microfinance in Kazakhstan

Down-Scaling Commercial Banks into MFIs: A Case Study from Kazakhstan

Leveraging pre-existing infrastructures in commercial banking to tackle poverty through microfinance
Case study

The Kazakhstan Small Business Program: Commercial Banks Entering Micro and Small Business Finance

Proceedings from the “"Scaling Up Poverty Reduction: A Global Learning Process and Conference”"

Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Microlending Organizations

The legal status, operations and liquidation of commercial and non-commercial microlending

M-CRIL's Microfinance Rating - Risk Assessment - Kazakhstan Community Loan Fund

KCLF: M-CRIL rating of alpha grade highly recommended, high safety, good systems