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Executive Summary – CGAP National Surveys of Smallholder Households

Key data from six surveys compiled in a series of easy-to-reference charts and tables

Basic Regulatory Enablers for Digital Financial Services

Guiding policy makers to create an enabling environment for digital financial services

Cyber Security in Emerging Financial Markets

Findings from a CGAP survey conducted in 2017 with 11 digital financial service providers in Sub-Saharan Africa

East Africa Mobile Money Cross-Border Payments: Market Demand Side

Looking at the prevalence, role and nature of cross-border transactions

Scalable, Affordable and Accessible?

Building interoperable payment systems that promote financial inclusion in East Africa

Guide to the Use of Digital Financial Services in Agriculture

Tool for identifying chronic value chain challenges and corresponding solutions

Supervision of Banks and Nonbanks Operating through Agents: Practice in Nine Countries and Insights for Supervisors

Review of supervisory practices in countries with large and diverse agent networks

Mapping Proximity: Bringing Products and Services Close Enough to the Poor to be Meaningfully Usable and Still Keep them Sustainable for WSBI Partner Banks

Identifying public settlements to enable financial service providers plan their expansion

Research Insight: The Microfinance Revolution in East Africa

Analyzing trends in the microfinance market in East African countries
Case study

Connecting the World's Poorest People to the Global Economy: New Models for Linking Informal Savings Groups to Formal Financial Services

Innovative models to link informal savings groups to formal financial services in Africa