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Leveraging Customer Complaints Data to Monitor Consumer Protection in Mobile Services in Uganda

This report summarizes the key findings and recommendations from IPA's work with the Uganda Communications Commission analyzing complaint records of mobile financial services users.


Social Media Usage by Digital Finance Consumers

This project analysis provides insights into the types of consumer protection issues faced by consumers across financial providers in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.


Digital Extension Services Improve Farmer Productivity in Uganda

This case study answers the question of whether digital technologies can act as a catalyst in unlocking market constraints with the sole aim of creating the desired impact among the last mile.

Case study

Her Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

A data deep dive into the customer base of two financial service providers engaging with low-income women


Consumer Protection for Financial Inclusion in Low and Middle Income Countries

Bridging regulator and academic perspectives


Debt Relief in the Pandemic: Lessons From India, Peru, and Uganda

Findings from interviews with key stakeholders and review of publicly available survey data and research


COVID-19 and Refugees’ Economic Opportunities, Financial Services and Digital Inclusion

Addressing structural and practical barriers to refugees’ financial and economic inclusion


Microfinance and COVID-19: Principles for Regulatory Response

Five guiding principles for regulators mitigating the impacts of COVID-19 


Preserving Liquidity: Policymaker Responses to COVID-19 and the Impact on Low-Income Customers

Initial lessons learned and suggestions for dealing with the current and future crises

Coping With COVID-19

A multi-country perspective from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, and Uganda