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Financial Education and Access to Savings Accounts: Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from Ugandan Youth Clubs

Assessing the relationship between financial education and access to savings accounts

Stimulating Microenterprise Growth: Results from a Loans, Grants and Training Experiment in Uganda

Examining the effects of financial support interventions on micro and small enterprises

Taking Stock: Financial Education Initiatives for the Poor

Increasing outreach through financial education

Towards an Effective Framework for Financial Literacy and Financial Consumer Protection in Uganda

Developing a roadmap to improve financial literacy and financial consumer protection in Uganda

Summa and the Uganda Private Providers Loan Fund (Investment Brief)

How can a microfinance program influence client perception of the quality of care at clinics?

Supervision and Support of High-quality Group-based Nonformal Education Services: Use of Observation Checklists in Supervision

A detailed description of Freedom from Hunger's Credit with Education program

Credit with Education Learning Game

How to train to start a credit association?