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Case Study

Colombia's Ingreso Solidario: Improving Social Protection Through Public-Private Collaboration and Responsible Digital Payment Practices as Part of COVID-19 Emergency Response

This case study illustrates how designing programs responsibly can result in greater trust in digital financial services, leading to greater volumes of digital transactions, and increased use of digital savings and e-commerce services.


Banking in Layers: Five Cases to Illustrate How the Market Structure for Financial Services is Evolving

Exploring the market-level modularization of financial services through case studies featuring new models that are emerging, how they are coming about, and what they mean for the financial inclusion of low-income people in emerging markets and developing economies.

Case Study

Bancolombia: Financial Inclusion and Banking Correspondents

This case study goes in-depth on how the Bancolombia's agent network expansion strategy evolved and the agent network management models it developed to increase geographic coverage in a viable manner.


Beneficiary Experience of Digital Government-to-Person (G2P) Payments in Bangladesh, Colombia, and the Philippines

This study explores consumers' experience  with digital cash transfers, and supports policy recommendations to improve the effectiveness of G2P payments and future financial  inclusion.


On the Economic Frontlines of COVID-19: Early Insights From MSMEs Grappling With the Crisis

Findings based on a longitudinal survey in Colombia, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria


Social Protection During the Pandemic: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico

How have policy responses mitigated the impact of the pandemic on poverty in the region?



Agent Network Journeys Toward the Last Mile: A Cross-Country Perspective December 2020

This Focus Note reveals three distinct journeys country stakeholders have taken to extend the reach and quality of rural agent networks in China, Colombia, India, Indonesia, and Kenya.

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Agent Network Journeys: Country Deep Dives

Detailed country case studies on the agent network journey

The Impact of Emergency Cash Assistance in a Pandemic

Experimental evidence from Colombia


Financial Inclusion Report 2018

Report with financial inclusion data from Colombia as of December 2018