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Effects of a Universal Basic Income During the Pandemic

Can cash transfers mitigate the impact on poor families during the crisis?

Mobile Water Payment Innovations in Urban Africa

Evaluating the uptake of mobile water payments in urban Africa
Case Study

Income Generating Activities for People Living with HIV and AIDS, Mashuru, Kenya

This report highlights income generating activities in Kenya

Microfinance Lending for Small Water Projects and Output-Based Aid: The Experience So Far from Kenya

Presentation at the Microfinance Workshop, December 2005, Dakar, Senegal

Forward-looking Review: World Vision's Approaches to Integrating Microenterprise Development and HIV/AIDS Response

Reviewing pilot projects implemented to test approaches to integrating MED and HIV response

Microfinance and HIV/AIDS: Defining Options - Kenya

A look at coping with HIV/AIDS in Kenya

HIV/AIDS -Responding To A Silent Economic Crisis Among Microfinance Clients In Kenya and Uganda

HIV/AIDS triggered crises require an "arsenal" of coping mechanisms

Building a Multi-Sectoral Response: Follow-up Assessment of Programming for Children and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya

How can the social, health, and economic needs of those affected by HIV/AIDS be addressed?