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Attempting the Production of Public Goods through Microfinance: The Case of Water and Sanitation

Paper from “Entrepreneurship and Macroeconomic Management: Reflections on the World in Turmoil”

Assessing Microfinance for Water and Sanitation: Exploring Opportunities for Sustainable Scaling Up

Financing water supply and sanitation services through microfinance
Case Study

Case Study - Indonesia Midwives Loan Fund: Can a Revolving Loan Fund be used to Encourage Private Midwifery Practices?

Improving quality of health services by strengthening capacities of individual private practitioners

Workshop Report HIV/AIDS and Microinsurance in Africa

How can microinsurance help in dealing with HIV/Aids?

Economy and Epidemic: Microfinance and HIV/AIDS in Asia

Policy recommendations to help MFIs prevent and mitigate impact of HIV/AIDS on households

Microfinance for Sanitation

Learnings from experiences with microfinance in water and sanitation schemes

Preliminary Evidence that Integrated Financial and Educational Services Can be Effective Against Hunger and Malnutrition

Results of research on the impacts and benefits resulting from integrated programs