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A COVID Perspective on Nepal Microfinance

Advisory Note on the liquidity of MFIs in Nepal

Adapting to a New Normal

Strengthening resilience to climate change: Best practices from the European Microfinance Award 2019

Harnessing Digital Technologies to Promote SMEs in the MENAP Region

How can SMEs leverage digital technologies to promote inclusive growth?
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Cybersecurity Resource Centers for the Financial Sector: A Proposed Business Concept

Proposal for multiple countries to combine resources for shared cybersecurity resource centers

The COVID-19 Financial Inclusion Compass

A special edition survey of sector challenges and priorities

Emergency Disbursements During COVID-19: Regulatory Tools for Rapid Account Opening and Oversight

Overcoming barriers to financial inclusion via innovative regulatory approaches

Never Waste a Crisis: How Sub-Saharan African Insurers Are Being Affected By, and Are Responding To, COVID-19

Equipping insurers and regulators to embrace and adopt innovation

Municipal IDs Offer Cities Lessons for COVID-19 Cash Assistance Programs

Sharing lessons for establishing smooth cash assistance programs during the pandemic

COVID-19: Boon and Bane for Digital Payments and Financial Inclusion

Does the pandemic present an opportunity to improve access to digital channels?