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Emerging Evidence on Financial Inclusion: Moving from Black and White to Color

Painting a more nuanced picture of the role of financial services in the lives of the poor

Social Performance Management in Microfinance: Practices, Results and Challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa

Revealing a number of challenges the financial inclusion sector should address

Using Satellite Data in Financial Inclusion

How service providers can use satellite data and advanced analytics techniques to reach customers
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CGAP-World Bank: Regulatory Sandbox Global Survey (2019)

Providing the evidence base for a comparative understanding of how regulators globally deal with innovation

Credit Scoring in Financial Inclusion

How to use advanced analytics to build credit-scoring models that increase access

FDC and APEC Business Advisory Council Progress Report

Recommendations based on 129 delegate discussions representing 21 Asia-Pacific economies

Inclusive Finance? Headline Findings from FinAccess 2019

Deep dive into the data on the relevance and impact of finance for people’s well-being

Senegal Annual Benchmark Report

This report includes key financial and operational indicators that provide a country overview, indicator level performance and institutional details.


Capturing Our Impact: Harnessing Innovation for Financial Inclusion

E-book showcasing stories, videos and photos that illustrate the impact of digital innovation

CGAP Insights: How do Policy Makers Learn and Adapt Today?

Findings from research and interviews with policy makers across 10 countries