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Digital Survey: Digitalisation in Financial Inclusion

This research aims to understand the progress of financial institutions' digital journey.


Digital Technology in Social Assistance Transfers for COVID-19 Relief: Lessons From Selected Cases

Considering some of the early lessons around the use of digital technology for COVID-19 related transfers

Effects of a Universal Basic Income During the Pandemic

Can cash transfers mitigate the impact on poor families during the crisis?

The Liquidity Challenge for Pakistan’s Microfinance Banks

M-CRIL Advisory Note on the liquidity of microfinance banks in Pakistan


(Un)stacking Financial Market Infrastructure

Understanding how to adapt infrastructure to advance financial inclusion

A COVID Perspective on Nepal Microfinance

Advisory Note on the liquidity of MFIs in Nepal

A Framework for Understanding the Financial Health of MSME Entrepreneurs

Combined framework and survey tool intended for stakeholders

An Imperative Need for a New Social Order in Microfinance Community

Towards ushering in a resilient ecosystem in the battle against corona pandemic
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Analysis of India’s Payment System Indicators in Quarter 2 2020

Key trends and insights on five categories of payment system indicators

COVID-19 and Disruptions to Vulnerable Rural Livelihoods in the Sahel

What interventions can effectively mitigate these shocks and build the resilience of the rural poor?