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Gender and Cash In / Cash Out (CICO) Networks

This slide deck shows how to apply a gender lens to CICO network development and presents case studies that demonstrate how gender-intentional design works in practice.


Improving Distribution of Digital Financial Services in Rural Areas

Research highlight on rural agents in Senegal

Distribution 2.0: The Future of Mobile Money Agent Distribution Networks

How can providers better leverage agent networks to further expand their reach?
Case study

Growing Big While Still Small: A Case Study on Kazang Prepaid

How to deal with the classic challenges impeding the expansion of agent networks
Case study

Taking Human-Centered Design from Theory to Practice: UGAFODE’S AirSave Considerations for Financial Service Providers

How can formal savings tools be better suited to the needs of low-income Ugandans?

State of the Agent Network, India 2017: Agent Network Accelerator Research

Recommendations on how to develop a viable agent network

Agents of Change: How the Human Touch Is Bringing Digital Financial Services to New Customers in India

10 key insights on training, equipping, and promoting product awareness among agents

Regulatory Framework for DFS in Côte d’Ivoire: A Diagnostic Study

Overview of key market and policy developments and recommendations

Agents Count: The True Size of Agent Networks in Leading Digital Finance Countries

Proposing a more appropriate methodology for measuring access to finance