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Challenging Exclusion: Refugees' Uptake of Mobile Money

This research investigates the appetite of female refugees in Jordan towards mobile money and studies their behavior to better cater to their needs in collaboration with sector players.


COVID-19 and Refugees’ Economic Opportunities, Financial Services and Digital Inclusion

Addressing structural and practical barriers to refugees’ financial and economic inclusion


Financial Literacy for Migrants - Mapping and Needs Assessment

Assessing financial literacy needs of key target groups involved in migration processes
Case study

Outcomes of Microcredit Provision to Syrian Refugees

The case study of Al Majmoua in Lebanon

Roadmap to the Sustainable and Responsible Financial Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced Persons

Key policy recommendations for stakeholders involved in the financial inclusion of FDPs

The Digital Lives of Refugees: How Displaced Populations Use Mobile Phones and What Gets in the Way

Offering opportunities for stakeholders to increase understanding of how refugees use mobile money

Financial lives of Lebanese and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

How do refugee households deal with their daily financial challenges?

Partnering With the Private Sector to Extend Digital Financial Services to the Unbanked

How effective has digital been in promoting access to remittances and financial services?

Refugee Access to Financial Services in Jordan

Areas of innovation that improve access to financial services for refugees