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WASH and Financial Inclusion: A Set of Indicators to Guide the Activities of Impact Investors in the WASH Sector

This study shares the result of an e-MFP WASH Action Group project aiming to identify a set of priority indicators to be used by impact investors when evaluating their potential and existing WASH investments.


Private Asset Impact Fund Report 2022

This publication offers a deep dive into a $84 billion market with a special focus on gender lens investing, as well as fintech and embedded finance strategies.


A Brief Introduction to WASH For Impact Investors

This paper introduces the publication of the "Handbook on WASH for Impact Investors", a comprehensive document based on thorough secondary research and interviews with key stakeholders.


A Handbook on WASH for Impact Investors - Part I

Part I of the Handbook aims to improve awareness about the sector and its linkage with the Sustainable Development Goals.


A Handbook on WASH for Impact Investors - Part II

This publication focuses on WASH economy, drawing attention to the existing funding gap, identifying challenges and preconceived ideas about investing in WASH projects and advancing solutions to tackle the identified challenges.


Impact Finance Barometer 2022: How Resilient is Impact Finance to Exogenous Shocks?

This year's Impact Finance Barometer examines the resilience of the impact finance sector to exogenous shocks.


2020 Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion

International funders committed approximately $58 billion to financial inclusion in 2020, a $6 billion increase from the prior year. Commitments from public funders continued to drive growth.


Gender Lens Investing Landscape: Gaps, Challenges, and Opportunities in Financial Inclusion for Women

This report provides evidence that while microfinance has been a driver of economic opportunities for underserved women globally, a more well-rounded gender lens investing approach is required to generate the level of impact necessary to truly advance financial inclusion for women.


Business Her Own Way: Creating Livelihoods Through Informal Online Commerce

This Focus Note outlines the characteristics of informal online commerce (IOC), maps the personas of the women who engage in it, and provides guidance to funders looking to support women to generate livelihoods through IOC.


Gender-Smart Investing in MENA

The goal of this Brief is to catalyze discussion and action across gender-smart investing practitioners, Egyptian firms and impact investors.