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Impact of Interest Rate Cap on Financial Inclusion in Cambodia

This paper examines the effect of microfinance-loan interest rate caps on financial inclusion in Cambodia.

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Platform Workers and Financial Services

This deck synthesizes insights from a survey of existing literature and consultations with experts and highlights opportunities and risks for workers as well as gaps in the evidence base around the livelihoods of platform workers.


Microfinance in Europe: Survey Report (2020 Edition)

A snapshot of the microfinance sector from 2018-2019 and beyond


Changing Diaspora

Performance review of microfinance banks in Pakistan from 2017 to June 2020


Study of the Situation and Perspectives for Microfinance Sector

Survey of African financial institution executives on their expectations post pandemic


Microcredit in Cambodia: Why is There So Much Support for a Failed Poverty Reduction Model?

Critical examination of Cambodia’s microfinance sector


Measuring Progress: Financial Inclusion in Selected SADC Countries

Working methodology in measuring and evaluating the impact of national financial inclusion strategies


Scoping and Assessment Report - MSME Access to Finance Ecosystem in Africa

How can the MSME financing ecosystem in Africa be improved?


Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Microfinance Sector in Europe

Field analysis and policy recommendations


(Un)stacking Financial Market Infrastructure

Understanding how to adapt infrastructure to advance financial inclusion