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Experiences in Gender-Sensitive Solutions to Collateral Constraints

How the use of non-conventional collateral can contribute to improved access to affordable credit

Promoting Gender Equality in Access to Microcredit Through Flexible Lending Approaches of Female Targeting MFIs: Evidence from Duterimbere MFI of Rwanda

How Duterimbere adapted its lending requirements to meet the needs of poor women

De Fiado en Fiado: Credit to Bridge Expenses in Mexico Financial Diaries Households

How credit might play a supportive role in the financial lives of low-income households
Case study

Loan Officers and Clients’ Over-Indebtedness Prevention: The Case of Banco Adopem

Examining the potential roles of loan officers in preventing over-indebtedness

Individual Lending for Low-Income Women Entrepreneurs: An Inclusive Approach

A how-to framework for developing products for women in emerging markets

The Impact of Interest Rate Ceilings on Microfinance Industry

How the supply of credit effects interest rate ceilings

Examining Microcredit through the Behavioral Lens

Understanding microcredit lending models through behavioral economics

Where Credit is Due

Results from seven randomized evaluations of the impact of microcredit