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Financial Literacy and Consumer Financial Well-being in Ghana: Any Nexus With Economic Stability?

This study makes an effort to establish a link between financial literacy and consumer financial stability and their impact on macroeconomic stability.


Determinants of Financial Well-Being: Evidence from Latin America


Building Women’s Financial Capability: A Path Toward Transformation

This publication examines how best to share information, build financial capability and enable lasting behavior change in a context in which women may have limited say in their own economic choices or require additional support or flexibility to overcome trust and care responsibilities.


OECD/INFE 2020 International Survey of Adult Financial Literacy

This report provides measures of financial inclusion including elements of financial resilience and a newly-created score on financial well-being for 26 countries.

Journal Article

The Impact of Regulation Governance on Financial System Efficiency: The Importance of Consumer Behavior

This study focuses on the value structure that correlates improvements in the financial services consumer’s decision-making quality with the development of their autonomy.


Financial Literacy Education: Implication on the Economic and Social Life of the Teacher in Ghana

Urging to develop schoolteachers' financial literacy skills


Needs Assessment: People With Disabilities' Access to Financial Education and Finance in Cambodia

Survey results based on qualitative and quantitative data from 513 people with disabilities


Financial Literacy for Migrants - Mapping and Needs Assessment

Assessing financial literacy needs of key target groups involved in migration processes

The Study of the Financial Capability of Population in Armenia 2019

Measuring the progress made in assessing financial capabilities of Armenia’s population

Measuring Numeracy for Financial Inclusion: Results of a Pilot Test

What can be done about the numeracy skills gaps preventing people’s involvement in formal financial transactions?