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Nigeria: Banks and Other Financial Institutions Decree, 1991

Decree regulating banking and other financial institutions in Nigeria

Tanzania: Circular No. 7

Instructions for filing reports by banks and financial institutions

The Bank Company Act (Bangladesh), 1991

How are banking companies, other than co-operative banks, regulated in Bangladesh?

The Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination Act, 1990 (Kenya)

What are the rules that control the operations of non-governmental organizations in Kenya?
Case Study

Developing Financial Services for Microenterprises: An Evaluation of USAID Assistance to the BRI Unit Desa System in Indonesia

Has USAID's Financial Institutions Development Project-Phase II achieved its objectives?

Mali Microenterprise Sector Assessment and Strategy

What problems are affecting micro and small scale enterprise activity?

Options for Updating AskARIES: An Analysis of Cost-effective Means of Disseminating Microenterprise Development Information

How to update AskARIES? (A computer-based reference for small enterprise development problems)

Technical Assessment: Rural Small-scale Enterprise Pilot Credit Activity in Egypt

Field testing of lending credit funds to small rural enterprises in Egypt

Gender and the Growth and the Dynamics of Microenterprises

How can women entrepreneurs participate in regional and national growth processes?

Imperfect Information and Rural Credit Markets - Puzzles and Policy Perspectives

Moving towards a better understanding of rural credit markets