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CICO Agents: The Under-Valued “First Responders”

Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on cash-in/cash-out agents and recommendations to support them

Digital Solutions for Direct Cash Transfers in Emergencies

How digital solutions can help governments deliver cash transfers

COVID-19, Cash, and the Future of Payments

Taking measures to bolster trust in cash

Financial Inclusion in the Technology-Led Globalization Age

Cross-border retail payments and prospects for the Arab region

Citizens and States: How Can Digital ID and Payments Improve State Capacity and Effectiveness?

This report considers the potential for digital technology to help reform citizen–state  interactions, and to do this in a way that increases individual agency and improves efficiency in the delivery of public services, subsidies, and transfers.

Case study

The Future of Government-to-Person (G2P) Payments: Innovating for Customer Choice in Kenya

This case study examines how the Kenyan social safety net program, Inua Jamii, gradually introduced payments digitization, then choice to design a program that has successfully scaled to reach the most vulnerable groups in Kenya.  

Case study

The Future of G2P Payments: Expanding Customer Choice in Zambia

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BPNT Operations Assessment 2019

Results from survey of digital cash transfer beneficiaries in Indonesia

Barriers to Direct Benefit Transfers for Fertilizer Subsidy

Outlining the challenges in distributing the Indian government fertilizer subsidy

Enablers for Direct Benefit Transfers of Fertiliser Subsidy

Providing ideas for cash transfer pilots for fertilizer subsidy