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SME Finance Responses to COVID-19 in AFI Member Countries

What measures are governments taking to mitigate and recover from the pandemic?

Assessment of the Sustainable Performance of SME Finance Service Providers

Applying an SME lens to environmental and social performance standards

Inclusive Finance: Looking to the Future. A Perspective from Luxembourg

Six articles on SME lending, cyber security and impact investment for financial inclusion
Case study

When Microfinance Gets Involved with SMEs: Experience with Cooperatives of Producers

The benefits of collaboration between financial institutions and cooperatives

SMEs and SDGs: Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – Insights from a BlueOrchard Survey

Understanding key challenges and opportunities to provide support to the SME sector

Alternative Data: Transforming SME Finance

How can digital data for SME lending address both demand and supply problems in access to finance?

Micro and SME Finance Market Outlook 2017

Summary of market trends and expected industry developments for 2017

The Role of Cooperative Banks and Smaller Institutions for the Financing of SMEs and Small Midcaps in Europe

Understanding the specific characteristics of cooperative banks and their capacity in SME Financing

Enhancing Financial Capability and Inclusion in Senegal: A Demand-side Survey

Key findings and recommendations for building a more inclusive financial sector